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Thank you very much for visiting and learning more about MoneyPlanGuy.  We are fortunate to have you and look forward to engaging on all things Personal Finance and other.  

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My Story

At the age of seven, in the second grade, I began my journey with money by becoming a full time paper boy.  Throughout  my childhood and into adolescence, I had a multitude of jobs along with my tight knit group of childhood friends.  Working and making sure there was money in my pocket was essential.   This continued into college where I worked full time in a dish room while having a full course load.

It wasn't until obtaining my first credit card did the concept of personal finance arrive.  Graduating college with a $500 maxed out credit card, no bill payment system, and finding moments where there was no money until payday began to cause stress. I had the realization a change needed to be made.  By this time I had more than $500 in credit card debt and was daunted by the fact it may take forever to pay this off.  At the age of 22 I purchased and read the book "Debt Free by 30."  After reading this I was completely entranced with the concept of personal finance and how I could better my life by managing my finances responsibly.   Two years later I purchased a condo (irresponsibly I might add), had no credit card debt, was contributing to a 401k, and had a small emergency fund. 

I had the bright idea to leave the hotel business for a real estate broker position selling land for a developer.  The dollar signs were embedded in my brain.  And when I started in 2007, right before the economic recession, I had no idea this all commission sales job would end up a no commission sales job.  After two years, and $30,000 in credit card debt, I went back into the hotel business.  I signed up for, and starting honing in on my finances.  And more than just my finances, I focused on my behaviors and views about money and what it meant to me.  It took me three years to pay those credit cards off.  The future was bright. 

As a Single Father, driven Hotel Professional, and now Financial Coach, I continue to incorporate Personal Finance into all aspects of my life.  While also being responsible for a $5 million expense budget at the hotel.  And there is one thing I will take from all of these life experiences, it feels good to be prepared.  Weather it be with your finances or just life in general.  As an adult with a passion for personal finance, I slowly realized that overall financial literacy in our world is not on the forefront of most people's minds.  And more times than not they suffer for it.  I thought "Maybe I can make a difference."  I have been able to experience joy and freedom in being a responsible person with my money. and focusing on living a more purposeful life with less "things" and distractions.  As it stands now one of my main goals in life is passing healthy financial behaviors and understanding to my daughter.  Why couldn't I help others?  That is when I obtained my CPFWC Certification through the National Financial Educators Council and became a Financial Coach.

Financial Counselor


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to help individuals or organizations. Let's connect.


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