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Meet MoneyPlanGuy

Certified Personal Financial Wellness Consultant and MoneyPlanGuy

MoneyPlayGuy is a Certified Personal Financial Wellness Consultant certified through the IACET accredited National Financial Educators Council.  He is a Hotel General Manager with a Bachelor of Science, Master of Business Administration, and has a relentless passion for Personal Finance. Becoming a Financial Fitness Coach and helping others form healthy financial habits and achieving financial independence is essential to achieving less stress and more joy. 

MoneyPlanGuy is a client service assisting in creating healthy and positive financial behaviors.  The goals could be to get out of debt, save, make good financial decisions, relieve stress, and/or achieve overall happiness with financial well-being.  

The overarching goal of MPG is focused on financial literacy and behavioral changes, through education and guidance.  This is achieved through one on one and couples coaching and engagement, while utilizing a systematic and organized approach and process.  MPG has a fiduciary responsibility to always have the clients best interest in mind through the entire coaching process.  

Finacial Fitness Coach

What I Specialize In

Individuals, Couples, and Families during Foundation, Recovery, various Life Stages.

Active Listening

Financial Analysis and Diagnosis

Goal Setting and Prioritization Assistance

Financial Action Planning and Budget Formulation

White Structure

The Journey Towards Financial Independence Is Not Easy.  But The Rewards Are Endless.

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